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Love is supposed to feel good.

Love is supposed to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Love is supposed to make you feel secure.

The fact is that LOVE isn't always the Fairytale that you thought it would be when you were a little girl.

Love is hard.....

Love is definitely unconditional.

You really have to put the people that you love above yourself. That’s one of the only ways that you will really ever be able … to find true love. When it’s about pleasing your partner more than it is than pleasing yourself, you’ve found something special.

Everyone I know could tell many, many stories about LOVE and it isn't always "Wine & Roses".

Heart-Ache, Sadness and other emotions are coupled with that FOUR LETTER WORD ~LOVE~.....

Hopefully for most of us LOVE is a word that surrounds me/you in happiness with that warm and fuzzy feeling when you feel like you have 'IT ALL' ~ again in that four letter word "LOVE".

To avoid being victimized or becoming the victimizer in the name of LOVE, we must choose to LOVE by mixing:

~ care, affection, recognition, respect, commitment and trust

As well as honest and open communication~

♥ Love Is What It's All About ♥

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